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HR in Singapore / Asia

We are your HR personnel to your employees

Are you planning to set up a new office in Asia and need expertise to build up your manpower in the country?

Aphaca HR Consultancy is a Singapore registered company that provides HR services to small-medium size enterprises, startups or scaleups that are new to the Asia market.

We are your HR partner for companies that needs a dedicated HR personnel to support the manpower set up in the new office in Singapore.

We also provide support to manage your HR operations set up in Asia with local partners.

We take care of your HR administration and labour legislation issues, in compliance to statutory laws & regulations, so that you can focus on your core business.

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Recruitment Administration Services

  • Research and engage recruitment agencies on behalf of client, to fulfil local placements

  • Liaising with recruitment agencies on behalf of the client, to administer the recruitment process

Contract Management

  • Design, draft and prepare employment contract and exit contract templates in accordance to local employment legislations

  • Administration of contract management process to ensure completeness

payroll setup services

  • Design, identify and set up suitable payroll system and operating model for client

  • Implement the payroll process for client

  • Set up client´s payroll bank account

  • Provide ongoing monthly payroll processing and administration services for client

Expatriate Management Process

  • Support the local employment passes / work permit application process for client´s foreign employees

  • Culture and Diversity Integration program for client´s foreign employees

  • Research and engage suitable relocation and moving companies for client´s foreign employees

  • Tax and local authorities registration process

Please note the service description for every service offer in this page is subject to final agreement contract with the client.

Compensation Package Design

  • Compensation Package design for different levels of employees

  • Benefits package design for different levels of employees Design and develop compensation and incentive policy for client

Organization Structure and Job Profile Design

  • Design and develop organization structure for the client´s country office

  • Design and develop job profile to fill client´s organization structure

Personal File and HRIS system setup

  • Design, develop personal file administration process

  • Research and identify suitable HRIS system for client

  • Design, develop HRIS data setup and implementation process

HR Policies and Processes setup

  • Design and develop employee handbook and relevant HR policies for client

  • Design and develop HR processes for client´s HR function

  • Design and develop Annual Leave & Vacation Policy for client

  • Design and develop Overtime and Pay Policy for client

  • Design and develop onboarding policy and process for client´s new employees

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