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HR Projects

Our philosophy is to support our clients by developing & implementing HR initiatives that are aligned to their business strategies. We specialise in the following HR topics:

  • Internationalization roadmap: support Asia small & medium sized companies to  transform from a ´local´ company culture towards ´cross-region´ or international´ company culture  especially in Europe region.

  • Employee Experience and Employer Branding design and implementation

  • Intercultural, Diversity and Inclusion programs

  • Corporate Social Responsibility roadmap strategy planning & design

  • Talent Management & Succession Planning process design and implementation

  • Performance Management process design and implementation

  • HR Metrics and Analysis process design and implementation

  • Standardization of HR processes (e.g. payroll or talent management) internally within the same company in different countries/regions.

  • HR Shared Service Model (e.g. payroll) project planning and implementation

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