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Coaching Partner

Transitional Coaching

Embracing change with a decided mindset brings you closer to your defined happiness and success.


Change is the only constant in life.


We face change every second in our day. Some change is insignificant such as ageing gracefully; some change could be significant such as a shift in your career path, a mid to long-term relocation to a new city or country, or an unexpected change in your personal life.

The magnitude and importance of a change to an individual is very personal. Embarking on a transitional coaching journey together enables an individual to notice blind spots, unravel obstacles and identify opportunities amid a transition.

As your coaching partner, we support you to embrace change with a decided mindset that brings you closer to your defined happiness and success during the coaching journey. You are invited to schedule a first 30-minute free session



We have developed a coaching model named IN-A-3Q-SPACE© and it represents

  • IN – Initiation

  • A – Aim

  • 3Q – Head, Heart and Guts Intelligences

  • SP – Skills and Possibilities

  • A – Actions

  • C – Commitment

  • E – Evaluation


The basis of this coaching model IN-A-3Q-SPACE© is developed on the 5 contexts of the Co-Active Coaching model.


Our coaching expertise includes

  • transition of a career stage

  • transition into a new job

  • transition of relocation into a new city or country

  • transition of a new life purpose / stage

  • transition into a work environment of diversified culture and behaviors


Transformation & Change Management Coaching

The world is getting more connected with advanced communications technology, the new Z generation of workforce prefer a mobile virtual office to an office desk in a 70th-storey avant-garde office building. The baby-boomer, X-ers, Y-ers are moving along with the rapid changes of workplace dynamics.


Transformation and change management initiatives at workplace become a buzz trend to support employees to manage workplace changes.  


Our approach towards transformation and change management at workplace focuses on workplace culture, diversity and inclusiveness. These are subtle but sublime elements that promote employee cohesiveness, collaboration and understanding among each other of different background and culture.

For foreign companies that newly set up their offices first time in Singapore or other Asia countries, we offer Induction or Orientation program to assimilate your management team into the Asian work cultures and environments.

Whether it is of help with your company strategy, employee engagement, events or training, please get in touch for an informal discussion.

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